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Children's Books

Star Jumps

Star Jumps is a warm narrative verse-novel about a family’s life on the farm during harsh times. When Ruby, Connor and Keely invent games a Star Jump is always involved.

Ratwhiskers and Me

A powerful atmospheric verse novel set in the Victorian goldfields in the 1800s.

The Girl who Turned into Treacle

Sarah dreams of her own horse? When her mother asks what to you want for your birthday, Sarah says a horse, that's all. But what if we can't get a horse?

Rot Your Socks

Breakers series, Macmillan Education

Jamie Wins Again

Jamie just loves to enter contests. And he's especially good at writing winning jingles. But sometimes his talent has unexpected results. He may win prizes, but are they worth it?

The Secret Weapon

Calum builds a small scale model of a castle and figures of the people who live there. He and his grandmother both end up inside the castle trying to save the Black Knight from his enemies.

Rainbow Toes

My first book.