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New book coming 1st of September

'Note on the door and other Poems about Family life' a new collection of poems coming out with Walker books. Family myths, kicking the football in the park, popcorn, dogs, and even javelin throwing.
New book coming 1st of September

Note on the door and other poems about family life

Can you find poems in this new collection that match your family?


Here's a first review posted recently in the magazine 'Bookseller and Publisher.'



Note on the Door: And other poems about /family Life (Lorraine Marwood, Walker Books, $15.95 pb, ISBN 9781921720611, September)


'Family' has been a major theme in children's literature over the past year. Award-wining author Lorraine Marwood continues this trend with her poetry collection Note on the Door, which features two sections of poems about family and others about school and holidays. The poems are aimed at eight- to twelve year olds, with some that would be good to share by reading aloud or performing and others that would benefit from quiet contemplation. Each poem is quite short in length and most can be read at a simple level, though many could e absorbed at a deeper consciousness where the sensory images are allowed to settle and spread. Poetic devices of imagery, such as describing blisters as 'hand weeping in 'Cat Burial', alliteration, assonance, repetition and some rhyme enhance the reading. Change of rhythms and pace, for example in 'Chicken Pox', show the transformation from frenetic itching to soothing relief. This keeps the tone varied and engaging. There are also poems with humour, and some particularly original interpretations of the everyday. Often the first image is the best, but this collection is distinctive enough to capture and keep th eyoung reader's attention.


Joy Lawn is a reviewer and consultant at Coaldrake's bookshop in Brisbane. She is the author of Inside the Shortlist 2011, published by CBCA (Qld.)

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