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Murrayville P-12 Poems


by Kaylah, James, Nick and Lauren

I am going down the street.  

What do you want for tea?

Chicken please!

No, that makes me want to sneeze.

How about spaghetti?

...and get some some confetti.

Okay guys!

Oh I don't forget the pies.

Oh that's no good for your thighs.


Anna's poem

I'm in the shower next ad break.

No way! I've had sport today.

What! You don't even like this show.

Yes I do! Anyway I'll be quicker than you; you'll wash your hair.

Don't care, I'm in next!


Jarrad's poem

Where'd you get that chair?

I found it.


In the bush.

It wasn't on someone's property?

No, the road reserve.

You sure?

Yeah it was grown over.



Sam's Poem

Come on, time for school.  Have a nice day.

I will, thanks Mum. Could you get some meast out for tea?

Sure what do you want?

Ah, I dunno, wahever.

Here's some marinated pork spare ribs.

Sounds good.

Love ya.

Love ya, Mum.


Abi's Poem

Come on, time to go.

In a minute.

It's been a minute.

Just wait.

No, we're gonna be late.

They will understand.

Let's just go.


Mitchell's Poem

It's your turn to feed the dog.

I hate the dog he bites my pants.

Then cover yourself in meat so your protected.

Oh, that's a good idea.


Jess' Poem



Do the horse feeds.

I did it last weekend.

Yeah that was your choice.

Oi, Carrie


You're meant to do the feeds.

No, Sam.  You are - 

See Sam.  Two against one.

Mum - 

What is it this time?

Sam won't do that horse feeds!


Mariah's Poem

Get out of the bathroom.

It's my turn.

Go away and get over it.

Have you ever heard of saving water?

My hair's more important than you.

I'll tell mum and dad you said that.

Alright, get out.

You said you were getting out twenty minutes ago.

I didn't say when.


Taylah and Maddison's Poem

Bang, bang, bang 

Will you get off the toilet already? I'm busting here.

I'll be off in a minute. Give me some privacy.

Would you like me to come back at Christmas then?

Yeah, whatever, you do that.


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