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Sydney Boys Grammar

Sydney Boys Grammar School Edgecliff Prepartory poems

my House

My house has
Schnauzer dogs

Fluffy dog

Jumping feet

Yummy sandwiches

God’s air

Harvey Abrahams (K)

House Sounds

Oranges chewing

Brussels sprouts rolling

Saucepan fizzing

Alexi Fox (K)


Mango making

Potatoes crawling

Oven ticking

Jesse Ross (K)


Dragon fruit crunching

Pumpkin running

Pan popping

Zachary Simmons (K)



Wet and Dry

A wet environment is a muddy waterfall

with splashing water

and dark green shadows.

Jack Lockhart (Yr 1)


A dry environment is dusty roads

with trees like an ant's face

and dried up orange grass.

Charlie Bishop (Yr 1)



Ice-cream city

In my city I walk on a path of Wizz Fizz

the bedrooms in my house are made of bubble gum

and the Sydney harbour bridge is made of licorice

and the sports ground is made of musk sticks.

Rok Willesee (Yr 1)




Very cute

four paws

green eyes

in house

good jumper

sharp claws

very furry

locked in

several whiskers

red nose

pretty overweight

eats meat

fierce retaliation

long adventures

good pets

home late.

Toby Kertesz (Year 2)



Fire eyes

sharp landing-gear

zig-zag wings

nocturnal bird

mouse eater

furry face

air borne.

Oliver Duncan (Year 2)



Shiny skin

hates cats

has fins

loves food

loves water

very slippery

good eyes

lives sea

little heart

rock hideout.

Max Paipetis (Year 2)




Chapter 1

In the beginning

people used steam trains

locomotives and coal trains.


Chapter 2

Then people started to use

electric trains, diesel trains

underground trains and subways.


Chapter 3

Nowadays and in the future

they might invent a flying train.

Akshay Prasan (Year 2)




EVAN (Conversation)


Evan, fill up the water bottles.

Evan, fill up the water bottles.

Evan, fill up the water bottles.


But I’m too thirsty

But I’m too thirsty


You’re always thirsty when you have jobs.

You’re always thirsty when you have jobs


But this time I’m extremely thirsty

But this time I’m extremely thirsty


Fine! No more junk food for a week.

Fine! No more junk food for a week.


Well ok…

Well ok…

Evan Poon (Year 3)



Going Rock Climbing

Going rock climbing

climbing the wall

the biggest wall

can’t do it

can’t go upside-down

might be scared

not doing it

no way hozay!

Nicholas Farrow (Year 3)

Our House Gate

Schreech schreech schreech

May be a criminal

I’m getting scared
back to sleep
I wake again
gate keeps squeaking

I’m getting annoyed
just the wind
I woke up
just for nothing

Noah Edwards (Year 3)




Cat hungry

Concealed in a fish tank

Feline swipes




Bees buzzing

Devouring sweet honey

Human arrives




Water trickling

Tooth paste on my tooth brush

In my mouth


Sameer Gupta (Year 4)



Squish under my foot

Looking down,

citrus fruit everywhere

Smell overpowering

Pathway of oranges


Jacob Karp (Year 4)



What’s this?

In the room


The camera-man

Max Woolard (Year 4)



Man stilts juggling

Mini gymnasium

Worried, scared

Balancing …


Jonah Green (Year 4)



The Quad Bikes

Rolling along

Mud splashes onto my legs

Hands ache from gripping the handlebars

Walking on a soaked track

Hearing the whirr of the engine.

I want to do it again.

Sam Larkin (Year 5)



Scaffolding bustling intensely,

a life on top of the world is never easy.

The smell of machinery oil populates the air.

A feeling of acrophobia and vertigo

reminds you of the trapeze at a childhood circus camp.

Helicopter screams through the air,

gale winds ruffling your hair.

Beauty aside,

sometimes you wish you stayed at home.

Sebastian Myles (Year 5)



The Hive

Hive bustling.

Work, work, work is all we think.

Feeling everyone charging to the next hole

Like being in a mosh pit, shouting and jumping to the rhythm.

An intense amount of buzzing and shoving

But still one insignificant being among millions.

Tige Sixel Miller (Year 5)



Lesser Bird of Paradise

Deep in the forests of Papua New Guinea,

Its black belly as dark as the winter night,

Its beak strong and powerful.

Razor sharp claws dig into branches to keep balance,

Beautiful feathers making it easy to mate.

However, bright coloured feathers a give-away to hunters.

I would love to feel its silky smooth tail feathers.

A male grows to thirty-two centimetres,

Glassy eyes staring back at you.

All the abstract calls in the tropical rainforest,

Feathers remind me of softer rainbow colours.

Must get a close-up look.

I hope I will, one day

Dean Kalas (Year 5)



The Mandrill

Hands and feet impossible to tell from a human’s,

White-lined whiskers contrast oddly against black, matted fur.

Posture so grumpy and bored

Like my sister watching a soccer match.

A huge monkey, eighty centimetres high,

As tall as a great chair.

Red and blue mouth,

Like an infra red canoe on a clear lake.

A goatee so bright and orange,

Taken from the centre of the sun

Tall, hard fur sticking out in large tufts.

Eyes reminding me of butterscotch sauce,

With a single, chocolate button in the middle.

William Perrignon (Year 5)



Lips Kissing

White teeth smiling while blushing

I can smell the perfume and can feel the lipstick

It reminds me of Grandparents Day at pre-school

I hear the mouth locking in like a bond sealing love forever

It will be a day to remember.

Hugo Klimt (Year 5)




Beady eyes watching your every move

Curved but sharp snapping at predators

Silent but their eyes shine millions of miles away.

Eyebrows always up ready to attack

Smooth and soft gliding through the air.

Fish flopping as they try to get out

Mostly brown but shreds of white closed in

Thin scales leaving a trace but not the full story

Michael Levas (Year 5)




Waiting, expecting, cunningly plotting a plan.

Mischievous licking beak – stiff, strong and sturdy.

Bright, white feathers, hints of yellow and pink

Like the sun shining down on a desert.

Its lunch balancing amazingly on the thinnest of sticks.

A juicy bright fruit, bold red apple or cherry

Waiting and then…

Bam! Feathers rise, eyes dazzled, makes the tree shake

The plum-like fruit loses its group – plummets to the floor.

An old fashioned king sitting down to rest

Its pointy crest its golden crown

And chewing on a branch – like smoking a cigar

Joshua Lowinger (Year 5)



The Lines in Me

As I’m stuck in this world

I think, I sleep.

My only friends

are charcoal lines and shapes,

we are one

we are melted together

our features alike.

The body I once had
is now just a thought.

They can take over my body
but they can’t take over me.

Ben Dunphy (Year 6)



I am
the third pig
the smart one,

The others
are idiots –

straw and sticks
burn too easily
unlike brick.
You can have
a fireplace

in a brick house
but wood or twigs
are only good for building
photo frames and door handles

and doors,
without brick
my house

is just a shell.

Jamie Whatling (Year 6)



They play music, not notes
the dullness overwhelms
and the straight lines fade away

Yet still the musicians are amazingly quiet
with their bright colour shining

as the abstract shapes
are enveloped in beauty
and fade, slowly away.

Joshua Freedman (Year 6)



The mirror has shattered into pieces

Dark colours are fading away

The jagged triangles cutting my palm

I dumbfoundedly think of Picasso

The triangles eat and intersect with everything

Lack of light brings a dull feeling

This man is depressed.

Jack Woods (Year 6)



I only wanted the materials

The roars were an act of intimidation

Because I needed it all back

The sticks –

I needed fire,

The straw

To feed my horses,

The bricks

To control my fire.

And the pigs,

The pigs

They stole everything



and I wanted it back.

George Wolfe (Year 6)


Don’t Ask, I Don’t Know

There’s been a shift of sense in the world

The sloshes of bright colours black, blue, yellow

Blend unthinkably well

The shards of coloured shapes shoot right off the canvas

All types of shapes and some that don’t exist make

You think about why things are the way they are

Like leaves that aren’t green, or half a head

Creativity powers this artwork

In some crazy radical form

Alex Loong (Year 6)

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