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Children's books, poetry books and poems in anthologies.

Children's Books


Books that I have written for children.

Come back in time when all the world raced to the gold fields, even cut throats and villains, even friends with a dog like Ratwhiskers.

Or walk with me across a frost slippery paddock to see a calf being born - this is the world of Star Jumps.

Every tool like imagination, innovation, five senses, atmosphere, conflict and pace are used to full effect in children's books.  I love writing for children, I am challenged to use the finest words to evoke all the drama I can.

Poetry BooksA
 Ute Picnic

Poetry books that I have written.

How does a cow scratch its back without fingers?

What would an ice-cream city look like?

Have you ever had a note passed to you in class?

A little snapshot of life grows into a poem!  Many poems grow into a collection. 



Poems in Anthologies

Short and Scary

Poems that I have written that are included in anthologies.

Poems that have been published first in magazines like School Magazine, New South Wales are collected into a book about a certain topic, it might be water, it might be poems about Australia itself.

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